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Kauna Foods

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    Ovie - Kauna

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    Restaurant , Snack Production etc

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Mr Ovie a cook met us to design a logo, something that will speak for his business, a restaurant and catering company also to make a Brand out of it.

With our brilliant Team we were able to create something spectacular for his business, which was vivid, concise and straight to the point.

Jude Ekere

working with Kauna Foods Lagos was simply amazing well followed up all that they said about what they want. with my fellow designers .#teamcreaveo came with numerous sketches and design before we finally got to this working with Kauna was simply an amazing experience Thanks for letting us share a bit of your vision #welovetosupportstartupsinNigeria



Client Loves Us

We are known for delivering exceptional services, Quality designs well made to suit its purpose being able to work with Brands is amazing , but helping them achieve their vision makes it all awesome.

Awesome! Brilliant and very Fast! Creaveo is a true professional platform which has honed her craft skillfully. Be ready for a mutually beneficial experience when you Order for a service. You’ve got nothing to lose. Amazing working with Creaveo Team  – Ovie

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we are trained and well experienced designers : we bring your imagination to Life , using professional tools to meet up with standard and also deliver Quality services

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