At the core of your business is your brand. At Creaveo we help create an evident synergy between your brand and your business.


Creating iconic brand strategies and design that cements your place in a consumer's heart.


High-value brand strategies for high-value business growth.

Buying your way into a consumer's heart with deeply resonating designs is what we do best. Our innovations and creative process are backed by years of experience and a proven track record of satisfied clients.

What we do

Brand Strategy

Awesome brands are far from boring. To all our strategic processes, there's a vibrancy and enthusiasm that guarantees constant brand engagement.

Brand Identity

Helping you stay memorable with catchy logos, vibrant colours and witty taglines.


We breathe invigorating pick-me-up creativity into lacklustre texts and designs.


People will pay more attention if it moves! With a perfect synergy of texts, colours, images, sounds and motion we create a branding experience that truly stands out.

Meet the Team

Only enthusiastic personalities can create awesome brand experiences and at Creaveo, we harbour a flock of them. With a culture of unhinged creativity & self-expression at the very core of our process, our many years of skilled experience only come as an added plus.

Ekere Uwak Eyene
Founder & CEO
Bryce Vaughn
Marketing Director
Josie Web
Head of Development

Making it simple but significant

While we aim for classy simplicity, we never take our eyes off the deep meaning your brand should hold for its consumers.

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